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Reducing And Recovering Your IT Spend
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Jake Dorst, Chief Information and Innovation Officer, Tahoe Forest Hospital District

The much-discussed transformation of the hospital CIO from the technically focused, to a role that now encompasses those functions as well as vendor and project management, biomedical/clinical engineering, customer service, enhancing the patient...

Driving Productivity through eClinical Management Systems
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Ramkumar Rayapureddy, Global CIO, Mylan

The surge in clinical trials across the world has led to an increase in the volume of data pertaining to new drugs, ailments and their outcomes being recorded. The increased inflow of data coupled has enabled organizations to manage clinical trial...

Bringing New Paradigms in Radiology Practices
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Shannon Werb, CIO, Virtual Radiologic

Challenges for the Current Industry Radiology is typically thought of as one of the more innovative and technology enabled specialties. However, on the whole, we have been slow to think how to move beyond technology as a way to drive new levels...

Analyzing the Cloud Architecture
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John Reynders, VP, R&D Bioinformatics, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Over the next few pages, I would like to cover perhaps two of the buzziest buzzwords in the entire IT lexicon: cloud and a big data. After reading these pages, I hope you will find some of the practices, anti-patterns, and hard-won...

TechnoSTAT: CleanDATA a New Player in the World of Clinical Data Capture
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Tal Zucker, CEO

Offers services from early stage non-clinical development and bench testing to all clinical study phases in protocol development, clinical trial management
Top 10 LIMS Solution Providers 2017

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