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Clinical Trial Technology: Drive Adoption with People
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Dawn Niccum, Director, Quality Assurance, inSeptionGroup

For those who remember the days of rotary dial phones and dot matrix printers, the changes in technology have been incredible. We now hold in the palm of our hand, more powerful computing power than what put man on the moon. Clinical drug...

What is Data Visualization and Why is it Important?
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Chris Pittenturf, VP-Data & Analytics, Palace Sports & Entertainment

Do you know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? That statement has never been more accurate than in reference to a well thought out data visualization! In its simplest terms data visualization is the...

Improving Data Visualization Using Five Principles of Gestalt
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Michael Cleavinger, Director of Space Transformation, PepsiCo

As data visualizations become ubiquitous in the workplace they can easily lose their salience. I propose five ways to improve your data visualizations using the principles of Gestalt, which is the whole being greater than the sum of the parts:...

MedNet Solutions: Delivering Feature-Rich and Scalable E-Clinical Solutions
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Richard Murg, Chief Revenue Officer

Offers a complete cloud-based platform for e-clinical trials and electronic data solutions

Document Solutions Group (DSG): Outcome-centric Solutions for Clinical Trials
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Tony Varano, Founder & CEO

Supports clinical trial data collection and management with innovative technology solutions
Top 10 LIMS Solution Providers 2017

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