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Use Cases of Blockchain Technology for Innovative ERP Solutions
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According to a DOMO’s report, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day, and with the advent of IoT devices, the amount of data generated is expected to increase by leaps and bounds in the coming years. With this amount of data,...

The "Cloud First" Approach to Life Sciences
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Sunil Anand, CIO, Jubilant Pharma

Traditionally, financial services and pharmaceutical organizations are not early adopters of the cloud. Just over 5 years ago, one would see frowns and dismissive eyes, when cloud vendors would present their value proposition. The world has...

Innovation Initiatives for Better Manufacturing Management
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Sharon Kaiser, CIO and Director of IT, New England Biolabs, Inc.

The Digital Transformation New England Biolabs (NEB) was founded in the mid-1970s and is one of the oldest biotech companies in the world. It was founded by scientists and is committed to developing innovative products for the life sciences...

Shaping a Healthcare IT System to Support Customer and Patient Outcomes
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Dale Danilewitz, EVP & CIO, AmerisourceBergen

The benefits of technology and data are undeniable. With technological advances, companies can make more informed, strategic decisions and monitor outcomes, and information technology can be a driver of connectivity and innovative business...

Purdue Pharma Strengthens Ties with Cognizant for Core IT Platform Optimization
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FREMONT, CA: Purdue Pharma strengthens its partnership with Cognizant with a new deal where the Information Technology and Services company, Cognizant, will be optimizing Purdue Pharma’s core IT platform for greater agility and better...

PerkinElmer: Customizing an LIMS with LimsLink
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Robert F. Friel, Chairman & CEO

The company specializes in customizable LIMS called LimsLink. LimsLink is a laboratory integration solution that reduces errors and costs associated with manual data management in any laboratory. The solution ensures that laboratory results and...

Compliance Insight, Inc.: Delivering Decisive Insights into GxP Compliance
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Cynthia A. Ipach, President and CEO

Provides GxP services that go beyond the regulations to compliance that makes sense

BatchMaster: Intuitive ERP for Process Manufacturing
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Sahib Dudani, President & CEO

Helps formula-based manufacturers streamline their operations and scale production while reducing costs

Tapasvi-Clin MolBio Solutions, Inc.: Improving Patient Outcomes with Big Data
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Madhuri Gandikota, Founder & CEO

The company renders clinical data analysis per evidence based medicine guidelines

Atachi Systems: Cloud-Based MES Platform for Manufacturing Companies
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Mekala Rao, President

Creating fully integrated MES software that is quick and easy to deploy, minimizes costs, and maximizes profit
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