Genohm: The Guide to a Lab's Digital Journey

Genohm: The Guide to a Lab's Digital Journey

CIO VendorFrederik Decouttere, CEO
Started as a spin-off of the University of Ghent (Belgium), Genohm was launched as a small two-person bioinformatics workshop. All the efforts put into the development of a platform able to digitize and automate the laboratory processes have clearly paid off for the founders of the company, as today Genohm has established a strong user base in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. The company proudly serves customers ranging from small research facilities to large government institutions using their solutions.

From the feature-rich and elementary LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) system that Genohm launched seven years back to the recent release of its flagship laboratory software automation suite, SLIMS 6.0, the company has come a long way. SLIMS provides laboratories with a seamless, integrated LIMS + ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) environment. Its features track data and samples, tests and users, results and workflows from the original material shipment down to the result from lab machines and in-silico analysis pipelines. Being a flexible digital platform, SLIMS caters to the traceability and analysis needs of a diversity of labs, ranging from research centers to NGS (Next- Generation Sequencing) labs, service facilities, biobanks, or QC (Quality Control) labs.“Through our centralized digital platform, which can keep track of the lab data and inventory, we solve some of the day-to-day predicaments that lab managers face, including inventory problems, traceability issues, and analysis errors,” says Frederik Decouttere, CEO of Genohm.

As a flexible and customizable platform, SLIMS comes along with a biobanking module, and it offers users the ability to configure the system to match their lab processes and procedures. The platform supports different modules, which are usually not available in a typical LIMS system.

SLIMS is the digital Team Member that streamlines the organization and management of your lab

While the platform’s ELN module enables digital and interactive note-taking and step-by-step follow-up of experiments, it also provides users with a complete workflow solution. SLIMS easily integrates lab protocols and runs external analyses to endow users with a complete, comprehensive, and flexible holistic workflow management environment.

The launch of the latest version of Genohm’s SLIMS, stands testament to the fact that the firm lives and breathes innovation. SLIMS 6.0 offers a set of new features and improvements designed to simplify and enhance lab processes. SLIMS 6.0 can be fully deployed on the cloud and introduces the ability to track reagent inventories— both type and quantity—and to generate email notifications that can be sent to the relevant parties from the system. “Using our API (Application Programming Interface) scripting ability, SLIMS Gate, users can now choose from one of four different notification levels possible: Info-Warn-Success- Error,” adds Decouttere. Lastly, a new feature in the platform’s Studies module will now allow users to store lab samples in any location with an infinite number of positions so they will never run out of space. Laboratory managers can make sharing more flexible by taking advantage of the platform’s new custom permissions for study groups and grant or restrict access to specific content, events, or case report forms.

Having launched a new and improved version of the platform, Decouttere feels that this will be yet another stride for Genohm toward a successful and brighter future. “We are positive that SLIMS 6.0 will solve many quandaries for our clients and will serve as a huge push when it comes to changing the classical LIMS business of upselling engineering services,” he concludes. The firm further plans to expand its presence in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and penetrate Asia in the years to come.