HORIZON LIMS: An innovative outlook for LIMS technology

HORIZON LIMS: An innovative outlook for LIMS technology

CIO VendorDale Mittelstaedt, President
Public and private labs are working overtime as testing is becoming more complex and accurate results are needed faster than ever before. Communities are questioning the safety of their water. Farmers are concerned about the quality of their crops. Doctors are waiting on critical information for their patients. That’s why making the right investments in technology is so important.

“A laboratory information system is too critical to be an after-thought. It’s too important to be outdated,” says Dale Mittelstaedt, President, Red Arrow Labs. “That’s why we made sure that HORIZON is designed by the people using it to meet the needs of people impacted by lab results every day.”

Powered by Red Arrow Labs, HORIZON combines powerful technology capabilities with the knowledge and experience of laboratory experts. From expediting data collection to generating state of the art reports, HORIZON boasts future-proof modeling while ensuring compliance with regulatory reporting and quality standards. The LIMS has earned recognition in the industry for its efficiency, configurability, security and cost-effective implementation and delivery options.

“This tool changes the way you collect, sample, process and provide results. From simple data entry to analysis, it ensures every facet of your lab’s operations work more effectively than ever before,” says Mittelstaedt.

HORIZON is designed by the people using it to meet the needs of people impacted by lab results every day

HORIZON is praised for easy integration with any existing lab system and instruments. Configurations within the application allow the platform to transition seamlessly with any existing workflows, ensuring minimal disruption and quick implementation in laboratory environments. And technicians and clients have immediate access to results.

“Our intuitive interface is supported by a team of problem solvers. HORIZON was designed by lab professionals for lab professionals, so we understand what you need,” says Eric Dingfelder, GM, HORIZON.

Research indicates that most labs need to replace their LIMS every 5-7 years. With HORIZON, a laboratory will never out growth the LIMS. “Many other LIMS fail to provide quality client service and support. That’s not the case here. We have experts and implementation teams in-house to support you and grow HORIZON in line with the needs of all industries,” adds Eric Dingfelder.

From large government public health labs to small, private clinical ones, HORIZON is currently in use at water quality, public health, clinical, drugs of abuse, pain management and environmental lab testing facilities. “Our clients may vary, but the need for dependable and accurate LIMS technology remains consistent. With HORIZON, needs are met and laboratory goals are achieved for today and tomorrow,” concludes Mittelstaedt.