SciCord: A Flexible Approach to Scientific Documentation

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SciCord: A Flexible Approach to Scientific Documentation

David Strauss, Founder and CEO, SciCordDavid Strauss, Founder & CEO
While working with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), David Strauss, an entrepreneur and pharmaceutical solutions specialist, saw from close quarters how organizations struggled with manual laboratory functions. He developed an electronic lab notebook (ELN) application that was focused on eliminating paper notebooks from the company’s documentation processes. The application was a great success and it was deployed across GSK’s development division that included over 50 Labs and almost 1000 users. As a key contributor, Strauss grew the application over 15 years to service the development organization within GSK creating over 800,000 experiments. SciCord was founded with a vision to maximize compliance and productivity, with work processes that fit the specific documentation needs of a scientific organization. Drawing on his 30 years of industry experience, Strauss and the team at SciCord brought together the compliance and structured aspects of LIMS with the flexibility of ELN.

SciCord develops, markets, and supports a SaaS (Software as a Service) laboratory documentation solution to provide compliance for drug development, quality assurance, quality control, and manufacture functions. SciCord’s ELN comes with plug-and-play capability and a set of pre-configured solutions to automate laboratory functions. The solutions are compliance-ready and customizable, including a full documentation package. SciCord has in-depth experience in designing and implementing analytical templates and streamlining the development process—requirements definition, coding, validation, and maintenance.

“A single information solution struggles to fulfil the diverse requirements of the scientific community—research, QC, development, and manufacturing”. SciCord identified a need in the scientific community for a solution which is at the same time flexible, compliant, structured, and easy to administer.

Unlike other providers, we deliver a solution that’s flexible enough to handle complicated...

Eliminating the ‘one-size fits all’ ELN strategy and combining flexibility and structure, we hold a sweet spot in the industry” says Strauss, co-founder and CEO, of SciCord. “Our solution is ideal for startups that have an innovative idea and require high quality data to support the idea and eventually sell their product either to the FDA or venture capitalist. Our product with plug-and-play templates supports rapid implementation, increases efficiency, is easy-to-use and provides room to grow as the client’s compliance needs multiply. All customers need is a computer and an internet connection and they are ready to run.”

At the core, SciCord specializes in meeting the analytical requirements of scientific organizations. The team helps clients navigate the complex labyrinth of analytical drug development, understand their data and generate regulatory documents— both seamlessly and quickly. Additionally, the SciCord solution supports early phase manufacturing process control, allowing organizations to keep up with their ever-changing processes and complex batch record systems.

Having started its journey in 2014, SciCord was ready with its advanced documentation solution for lab information management within a year. Pearl Therapeutics was an early adopter, implementing SciCord’s solution to assist development of an inhaled product. Inhaled product development involves analysis of multiple components, and results produce a very large data set. Pearl wanted a LIMS application that can acquire raw information directly from the laboratory bench, automate data processing, and produce tables for regulatory documents. “We were able to provide a comprehensive solution through what we call a template-work process. Unlike other providers, we deliver a solution that’s flexible enough to handle complicated pharmaceutical documentation,” notes Strauss.

Scripting similar success stories, SciCord’s team believes that mobility is the key to success in the coming days. The company also envisions becoming platform-agnostic in the near future so that clients can access their solution from any device. “We also plan to make the data fully indexed, enabling our clients to attaching anything to our application for faster data processing and search capability,” concludes Strauss.
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David Strauss, Founder & CEO

SciCord develops, markets, and supports an electronic laboratory documentation solution. The organization serves the needs of the pharmaceutical industry to develop and manufacture drugs. SciCord allows laboratories to optimize their documentation using a flexible approach. The SciCord software combines Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) functionality to allow users to document and manage laboratory information effectively within one application. SciCord's cloud-based solution provides easy implementation and efficient maintenance, reducing ownership costs and allowing companies to concentrate on furthering science